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Hello to all the dedicated truth-seekers who follow updates from this site! Nathan Rifkin here.


I'm happy to say that, in the years since the Virtual World War, I have left ScarySmart behind and opted to devote myself to charitable work here at CyberToPhysical. I'd like to re-introduce myself, not as the video game marketing director that I used to be, but in my new role as the Chief Editor of this groundbreaking organization. I think this site has an important mission, not just in making sure that everyone knows what really happened during the War, but also in fostering a sense of unity and togetherness to make sure the human race is more resistant to conflict like this in the future.


In the spirit of collaboration and interpersonal connections, I'm happy to spearhead the future efforts of CyberToPhysical! I also encourage you to explore the blog of my dear friend Claire Bodine, at Herald Angel. May we together usher in a more compassionate and understanding world!



Nathan Rifkin

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