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AI in Our Homes...

With the introduction of their new Copilot+ software what Microsoft has wrought is a whole new level of intrusion without many of their users consent or knowledge. The horrifying new addition to the AI landscape is a recall feature that takes screenshots every couple of seconds. Hypothetically, this is to allow the user to scroll back and search through their history should they ever want to. In reality, it’s a veritable treasure trove of data ready to lead every Windows 11 user into another cyber-disaster. 

This new “Copilot” is on autopilot towards catastrophe, essentially putting hackers in the room with all your data. You might as well invite the hacker to move in, if he’s going to be watching your every computer click. They can learn your shopping habits, who you speak to, what you like and dislike, making it all the easier to get you to part ways with your precious cash.

Absolutely nothing is censored in these screenshots. Whether it’s financial data (goodbye online banking), passwords, or medical information, all is served on a silver platter for those with less-than-savory intentions. Users are automatically opted in to this service (with no notification of such), and the only way to opt out is hidden under several layers of legal jargon. 

A UK watchdog has taken up the mantle to investigate Microsoft’s claims of safety and has already expressed concerns. The US, lightyears behind the UK in terms of cybersafety and data privacy, would do well to follow their lead. Otherwise another cyber apocalypse is not only likely, but imminent. 


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