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Russian Cyberwar against US

Foreign adversaries are having a field day with American technological infrastructure. If China’s threats weren't enough for you, Russia has now gotten in on the fun. 

No longer operating in the hypothetical, Russia’s hacker group “Sandworm” has been linked to several attacks on U.S. infrastructure over the last several months. In January they attacked a water facility in Texas, in March they attacked wastewater systems, and in April they attacked another water treatment plant in Indiana. 

So far the attacks have been limited to smaller, more vulnerable towns across the U.S., but that isn’t for lack of trying. In 2021, the same group attempted to attack a water treatment plan that serviced San Francisco. 

Remember previously when I surmised that China could shut down U.S. hospitals at a moment’s notice? Well Russia beat them to it! In May Sandworm attacked Ascension, which impacted 140 hospitals, shutting down vital equipment and sending ambulances on a wild goose chase. 

The longer the U.S. lets this simmer, the bolder they will become. These foreign powers already seem to act with impunity, what horrifying idea could they come up with next? Whatever it is, at our current trajectory, we’d be powerless to stop it. Until then, stock up on hand crank radios and battery operated lights. Maybe invest in a new water filter too. 


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