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US Infrastructure Highly Vulnerable!

The United States’ absolute unwillingness to regulate tech in any way, despite years of warnings and massive data breaches, continues to have serious geopolitical implications. Chinese hackers have started openly bragging that they’ve burrowed their way into the US digital infrastructure, waiting for just the right moment to deal a killing blow.

The Chinese hacking company Volt Typhoon has finagled their way into critical U.S. sectors including energy grids, pipelines, and internet services. China could shut off your water at a moment’s notice. They could shut down the hospitals. 

While China refutes these claims, claiming that the group is not affiliated with the Chinese government but is a criminal ransomware group. Then again, who would own up to such a thing? Security researchers at Microsoft and Google have both attributed Volt Typhoon hacks to the Chinese government.  

FBI Director Christopher Wray stated in a congressional hearing on the topic that “[China’s] plan is to land low blows against civilian infrastructure to try to induce panic." Sounds unfortunately familiar.


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