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Blackberry Phones Still the Most Secure

While Blackberry only commands only an infinitesimal share of the mobile phone market, it set a standard for secure communication that has yet to be matched in a mass-market phone. Large businesses and government agencies still use Blackberry extensively, because Blackberry is still the most secure type of mobile phone available.

Unlike Androids or iPhones, the Blackberry encrypts all of its messages, making texts and emails much harder to hack. Its data storage, apps, inter-device communication, and phone calls are also all highly protected. Also, because its operating system is different from more popular phones, it is less likely to draw the attention of hackers in the first place, because few hackers bother designing viruses for Blackberry.

Making such a virus would also be incredibly difficult, because Blackberries are designed in such a way that viruses can’t easily spread: Blackberries have high security measures around attachments and applications, so an infected phone wouldn’t likely pass its virus to other phones. For these reasons, to date only one significant virus has ever been reported in the Blackberry OS, and it did not spread far or fast.

By comparison, there are dozens of highly dangerous viruses for Androids and iPhones, and these viruses have spread to many thousands of victims. These viruses can have a range of effects, from causing the phone to freeze and crash to sending personal data to hackers. Moreover, Android and iPhone are more prone than Blackberry to inherit software bugs that can expose owners to huge hacking vulnerabilities. Certain newer Blackberry models that use Android operating systems are more vulnerable than through-and-through Blackberry phones, but these Android phones can still benefit from Blackberry's network security.

These facts leave little question that Blackberry is still (by far) the most secure type of phone available on the market today.

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