ABOUT is dedicated helping "hikikomori:" people who have become stuck inside their homes, unwilling to go outside, addicted to their computer screens for years. We want people to connect, real time!


So, first we establish PUPPIES2GO --  very successful, with over 45,000 miles walked outdoors by our clients and puppies since our founding in 2016!


Now, we launch our MOBILE SERIES!  Even you have addiction, no need to stay home with your computer -- your phone is computer enough! So get out, get mobile, in the real world, have real adventure!


First in series, we format for your mobile device the contents of the BlackBerry Passport 98576 carried by Nathan Rifkin, which you can download here. These contents and active links will tell you all you need to know about about the start of the Virtual World War. 

We host here in-depth discussions of key issues and here collected articles and other information to provide context and credibility to the story told by Mr. Rifkin's phone, because we know it is hard to believe it, and the Powers That Be do not want you to.

Finally, below is timeline of the Virtual World War (click to enlarge):


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