Hello truth-seekers! Nathan Rifkin here. I took over this blog from my friend Kaz in 2020. Everything from before 2019 is his, and everything from 2020 onward is mine. Enjoy! You can also check me out on Facebook:

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September 8, 2020

Thank you for your Prayers –

And thanks to your Prayers, WE DID IT!!!

Now, as I sit down to type, my hands are shaking with jubilation. After two years of slogging through courtroom after courtroom, enforced silence like a weight on my chest, the Truth is no longer mine...

April 28, 2020

Apologies for taking three months since my post celebrating that the Supreme Court agreed to hear THE UNITED STATES VS CYBERTOPHYSICAL.ORG –

I was thinking, since I had little to share but my anxiety, I should just keep it to myself.

But, my good friend, Claire Bodine of...

February 3, 2020

To everyone who has chipped into CTP's crowdfunding campaign, you have my deepest and most sincere thanks! I never thought that my last blog post’s passing reference to my legal struggles would trigger a full-on flood of financial support. A lot of powerful people want...

January 1, 2020

As of this morning, the Scary Smart Victims Settlement Fund has sent its final payments to 2,334 victims of the Virtual World War.  

Needless to say, the Settlements, over 3 million dollars, do  little to ease the catastrophic pain and loss...

June 14, 2018

Hacking is hardly a new concept for governments in developed countries. However, recent years have seen rapid growth in hacking for several reasons. Social media has allowed people to network with one another more comprehensively than ever before, and our various elect...

January 11, 2018

For a long time, the general belief in the world of computer experts was that viruses needed to be coded for a specific type of operating system.  Windows viruses could only infect Windows products, Mac viruses could only infect Mac products, etc.  However, over time h...

January 10, 2018

The threat of a catastrophic Chinese hack against the U.S. is much more imminent than most people realize. There have been many documented cases of hacking in recent years, and each time the hacks have escalated. Late in 2017, this rising threat got so much attention t...

December 23, 2017

In the world of computing, a “zero-day” attack is a software problem that puts people in immediate danger.  It gets its name because the software developers who are combating the problem have zero days before the problem is imminent—as in, it’s happening right now, and...

October 29, 2017

Some people might wonder why Blackberry made the Passport Silver Edition.  The original Blackberry Passport received exceptional reviews, but didn't sell very well; and yet, Blackberry went ahead and made the luxury Silver Edition version.  And against all skepticism,...

September 24, 2017

“Land reclamation” is a fancy way of saying, “building fake land where ocean used to be.”  Accordingly, it mostly occurs along coastlines, expanding an existing landmass.  Lately, however, China has been using this



technique to create a series of artificial...

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April 28, 2020

January 1, 2020

December 23, 2017

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