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Thank you for your Prayers –

And thanks to your Prayers, WE DID IT!!!

Now, as I sit down to type, my hands are shaking with jubilation. After years of slogging through courtroom after courtroom, enforced silence like a weight on my chest, the Truth is no longer mine to bear – but ours to SHARE!

I am breathing free, for the first time in years.

The arguments before the Supreme Court were, in fact, pure agony to sit through. The US government argued first. It was obvious that Justices Alito and Thomas were with them from the start. Our legal Team had prepared me for that, but watching two votes go out the window within minutes sapped my optimism. The rest of the Justices seemed more open, asking lots of tough questions to the government lawyers. Sotomayor and Kagan seemed on our side—as our Team predicted they would be.

When we finally had a chance to argue. Alito and Thomas asked at least a dozen questions to trip our Team up, grilling them about matters of national security. But my heart really sank when Gorsuch joined in: I'd hoped he would side with us, but he appeared to firmly among the ranks of the adamantly conservative Justices.

Roberts, Breyer, Barrett, and Kavanaugh impossible for me to read.

And those impassive faces haunted my sleep for the two months before we got the verdict.

When the news broke, I GRABBED A COPY of the decision and read the words that freed me.

All four of the unreadable Justices had sided with us! By a vote of 6-3, the Court ruled the information in question had never met the requirements to allow the US government to deem it legally classified. Justice Kavanaugh, who wrote the majority decision, said:

“The standards for classifying information clearly state that ‘In no case shall information be classified…in order to prevent embarrassment to a person, organization, or agency; or prevent or delay the release of information that does not require protection in the interest of the national security.’ In this case, we find that the information at stake poses no realistic risk to national security. In fact, the information is merely a record of certain risks that had previously existed and have already been resolved. We find that the government is seeking to classify this information purely because, in the course of resolving these past risks, certain government officials exposed themselves to potential humiliation which they would prefer not be disclosed to the general public. As such, classifying this information would only serve to help government officials to protect their reputations, and would not serve national security. Therefore, this information cannot legally be classified under the code set forth in federal law.”

Translation: WE WON!!

YOU have freed the Truth from those who tried to suppress it –

Thanks to YOU, this website is now, and shall remain, the Official Home of the Truth about the Virtual World War!

And now, please join us as we begin the next phase of our mission: to advance the Truth, so that the world becomes a safer, freer, wiser place!

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