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Unsettling Settlement

As of this morning, the Scary Smart Victims Settlement Fund has sent its final payments to 2,334 victims of the Virtual World War.

Needless to say, the Settlements, over 3 million dollars, do little to ease the catastrophic pain and losses of February 2, 2018 -- a “One Day War” triggered by malware in Scary Smart’s most popular games.

What would go much further toward healing our Nation and the World, would be the publication of the Truth about the War’s Instigators, Events and Impact. But United States government agencies – Homeland Security, the Department of Defense and the Department of Justice – deem almost all information about the Virtual World War “classified.” And the President himself has gone remarkably silent about it.

Even publication of a cursory and casual Timeline of the Events of February 2, 2018 is currently forbidden. I know, because we have received a cease-and-desist order from the DOJ for a copy of such a Timeline that is apparently featured on an old archived page of this website. I have offered to remove it as soon as I find it.

I took over this site from my friend Kaz just a few months ago, and I ask the government lawyers who inevitably read and parse my every post to please remember that. There may be information on this site you believe violates your blanket gag orders. I regret that any such material predates my tenure, and I cannot account for its provenance, nor do I feel authorized to remove it as it was contributed by the Japanese Founder of CyberToPhysical.Org, Kazuyoshi Okada, and the material originated in Japan, and was published on Japanese servers not subject to U.S. law.

Kaz and I have a dream, now that Scary Smart has been laid to rest: to sue the very government agencies that are preventing the public from knowing the Truth about the Virtual World War. We will need deep pockets…and I must confess, my pockets, and Kaz’s, have been turned inside out, as have our souls, by the Aftermath of the One Day War.

It will take some time to gather the will and the necessary resources to take on the obliterative power of an Administration determined to extinguish even the tiniest ember of Truth. But you have my word, and Kaz’s:

We will not rest until the whole Truth is revealed to the World.

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