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Blackberry Passport Silver Edition: The Phone You Never Knew You Needed

Some people might wonder why Blackberry made the Passport Silver Edition. The original Blackberry Passport received exceptional reviews, but didn't sell very well; and yet, Blackberry went ahead and made the luxury Silver Edition version. And against all skepticism, the Silver Edition performs admirably.

Blackberry’s original Passport revolutionized phone design with its broad screen, ergonomic design to fit into your palm and pocket perfectly, and of course all the usual outstanding security features that set Blackberries apart from other phones. For all these innovations, the Passport even won the Red Dot Best of the Best Award, as well as the iF Design Award.

The Silver Edition takes the same basic design, but improves the phone's appearance and tactile comfort. Its rounded corners, ridged back, and more carefully designed camera give a very streamlined look.

Simply put, the Blackberry Passport is a more luxurious version of an award-winning phone. Its security also makes it ideal for doing business. It is a premium phone with a great legacy behind it.

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